Appeared on NBCʼs In Concert several times as a backing musician. Dalton has been featured in bands of his own backed by Tim Bogert of Vanilla Fudge & Beck Bogert & Appice, and by Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, as well as members of Slaughter & Survivor.

Dirk Dalton also produced music videos for several artists, used A&Mʼs Charlie Chaplin stage several times. Also used MGM adjacent Stage IV” for many music video shoots. Dirk came close to having his own syndicated TV show for Dick Clark Productions entitled “SOUNDSTAGE AMERICA.”

Jimmy Photoglo’s“Tonight Will Last Forever, recorded at Dirk Dalton Recording Studios, featured Dalton’s guitar and keyboards, was engineered by Dirk Dalton, and was shot at the Chaplin Stage on the A&M lot. This was a Billboard #11 record on the 20th Century label. Dalton led the project through a three album deal. Dirk Dalton also worked with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta on the motion picture Two of a Kind.”

As a technical advisor, composer, and supervising editor, Dirk Dalton has worked extensively in TV & Motion Pictures, including on the television shows “Fame,” “Max Headroom,” “The People Choice Awards,”  “Partners in Crime (starring Loni Anderson), “Bridges to Cross, (starring Suzanne Pleshette), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” (for TV, working closely for years with famous singer/songwriter Jimmy Webb and the Glenn Campbell Band)), “Star Trek” Motion Pictures (starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy), and many others.

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