Studied bass with bass expert Bill Perry for two years.

Studied voice with Don Weiss, PhD, of UCLA, for 3 years.

Studied conducting with Don Weiss for 1 year.

Engineered recordings from 5 years of age, began to excel at piano and guitar.

While at UCLA joined British Folk Legends The incredible String Band and obtained a three album deal as Robin Williamsos Merry Band.  (Williamson was Mike Heron of Incredible String Bandʼs principal collaborator). Journeyʼs Edge, American Stonehenge, & Glint at the Kindling were made by Dalton at Daltonʼs 24 track facilities in Los Angeles.

Six months after graduating UCLA had GOLD AND PLATINUM AWARDS for Shaun Cassidys Born Late.

Also earned GOLD RECORD AWARDS working with Barry Manilow on several projects as arranger, keyboardist, and engineer.

Worked with Van Morrison on several recordings. Friend of current Van Morrison drummer Bobby Ruggiero.

Worked with Jose Feliciano, including on the Cristmas number “Feliz  Navidad.”  

Dirkʼs friend and Beethoven instructor, worldwide famous Beethoven scholar Robert Winter PhD, worked with Dirk to record and publicize the unknown Dwight Yoakam in Los Angeles, and even though Dirk needed the studio time badly himself.  

Appeared on NBCʼs In Concert several times as a backing musician. Dalton has been featured in bands of his own backed by Tim Bogert of Vanilla Fudge & Beck Bogert & Appice, and by Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, as well as members of Slaughter & Survivor.

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