Music, Performance, Production and Engineering History
Andy Williams
Bad Axe Bad Axe     Engineer
Barry Manilow   Oh, Julie! 1982 Engineer
Barry Manilow Another Life 1992 Engineer
Barry Manilow Complete Collection and Then Some... 1992 Engineer
Beach Boys Engineer
Blues Image   Ride Captain Ride   Engineer
Bobby Vinton
Canned Heat Canned, Labeled & Shelved 2006 Engineer
Canned Heat Human Condition 1978 Engineer
Christian Anders   Sound engineering, bass, guitar, keyboards.
Dan Sawyer, Crossover Engineering, production
Dirk Dalton 104 Hot Love Time: 5:27 (Kohan Kawauchi) Produced by Kohan Kawauchi & Dirk Dalton Arranged & Engineered by Dirk Dalton   Studio: Dirk Dalton Recorders Background Chorus: "PERRI"   SIDE B...EWR-20632
Don McLean
Dwight Yoakam Engineer
Fleetwood Mac   Engineer
Glen Campbell Band Engineer
Groundstar     Forced Landing Engineering, production
Harry Booker Let God Arise   Production
Jimmy Webb Engineer
John Fahey Live in Tasmainia Engineering, production
Jose Feliciano Engineer
Kevan Hill   Moon shine   Engineer   I have a history of doing studio recordings from way back ..and with Dirk Dalton (Platinum Album Producer for Sean Cassidy & Barry Manilow) In his awesome home studio 1992-1994 with everything anyone could ever want.
Lorenzo Gigliotti http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x03QRVv6Zx4 video/music
Ozzy Ozborne   Engineering, production
Photoglo Fool in Love with You 1981 Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Engineer http://www.bluedesert.dk/photoglo.html Photoglos website.
Photoglo Photoglo 1980 Engineer, Percussion
Randy Rhodes   Engineering, production, recorded at Dirk Dalton studio.
Robin Williamson     A Glint at the Kindling/Five Bardic Mysteries 1979 Engineer
Robin Williamson & His Merry Band American Stonehenge   Engineer,
Robin Williamson & His Merry Band American Stonehenge [Bonus Tracks] 1978 Engineer, Guitar (Bass)
Robin Williamson Journey's Edge [Bonus Tracks] 1977 Audio Engineer, Mixing
Robin Williamson Journey's Edge 1977 Mixing, Mixing Engineer
Ronald Fair Together ... Again   Engineer
Shaun Cassidy Born Late   Engineer
Spirit   Randy California   double album   Engineering, production
Towana Hill Tell Me How   It Is.   Engineer
Van Morrison Engineer