Dirk Dalton works as an artist, producer, & studio musician on guitar, bass, drums, background vocals and keyboards, and as a singer, songwriter, engineer, and studio owner.

Studied Composition with Roy Harris, world famous composer, privately, for two years.

Studied Piano with Johanna Harris, Joulliard instructor, and world famous pianist.

Studied Piano with Van Kliburn winner Michael Cave, for 2 years.

Obtained 4 year degree in Music from UCLA. Operated a studio professionally while a student.

Worked extensively with Ozzie Osbourne, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Canned Heat, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, and many others. Also worked peripherally with Toto and Michael Jackson.

Studied drums with Multiple Gold and Platinum winner Ed Greene for 2 years.

Studied guitar with jazz great Leon White for 3 years. Dirk knows and works with Hollywood session guitarists Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Eddie Arkin, ands Grant Geisemann. Was a personal friend of Randy Rhodes and got Randy his job with Ozzie Osbourne. Dirk worked with Ozzie during the Blizzard of Oz period and thereafter.                                                                       


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